The Rat, the Eggs, and the Choir

The next afternoon, when the house was quiet, the rat cautiously put his nose round the door of the music room and bravely crept in, the egg following him.

It was a very interesting place.  They could see their reflections in a large black shiny object in front of them.  To their right, was a large window with a deep sill covered with plants in pots.  In front of the windowsill was a large table covered with a green cloth that hung down almost to the floor.  There were books and piles of paper everywhere: on shelves, on the floor, all over the table, and underneath it.  The rat scampered from pile to pile on the floor, jumped from one shelf to another, nosed under the tablecloth, and finally climbed onto the table by the window.  There was a neat pile of papers on the table headed ‘Carol Concert’.

“There are some words here, Egg.  O Come All Ye Faithful, Joyful and Triumphant…

“No, my dear fellow.”

“Little Jesus Sweetly Sleep?”

“Hmm,” said the egg.

“Oh, Egg, look, look!  Once in Royal David’s City, Stood a lowly cattle shed!  Oh Egg, we’ve found it!”

“My dear fellow!” said the egg proudly.

“But I can’t carry this sheet of paper.  What can I do?”

“Hmm,” said the egg.

“I know,” said the rat, almost falling off the table in excitement, “I will tear out the words we need and make them into a hat.”

“My dear fellow,” said the egg proudly. “Truly the glittery egg is right when she says that you are a most ingenious rat.”

So the rat carefully tore out the right words, folded them into a hat, and put the hat on his head at a rakish angle.

“How do I look?” he said as he climbed down.

“Very fine,” said the egg, lost in admiration.

Just then, the door creaked, and the two friends darted under the table, the rat pushing a book into an arch to make a hiding place.

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