The Rat and the Egg

Across the carpet raced the happy rat, warmth filling his body, calling with all his might, “Egg! Oh Egg!”, hoping with every bristle that he would not have to face the disappointment of hearing no answer…

He reached the bottom of the Christmas tree and anxiously looked up, scanning the tree for the sight of the most beloved egg in his brilliant waistcoat.

There he was! Hanging from the tree, resplendent in an even finer waistcoat of red and blue sequins, was his friend.

The joyful rat could not contain himself. He raced up the tree, and embraced the egg, recollecting just in time that the egg might be rather breakable.

Overcome and panting, he could say nothing but “Egg, oh Egg.”

“My dear fellow!” said the egg, “how long it is since I have seen you! And how we have missed you! I am sorry I did not have the opportunity to inform you of our movements, but I did not learn of the usual pattern of events before we were removed from you. The fairy informs me that the tree is taken down every year and the decorations are placed in a box in the loft. I must confess that I hoped that a resourceful rat like you, once apprised of this situation, might find his way up there in the months when we are not required below. Your visits are such a pleasure to me, and to us all.”

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