The Rat and the Egg

“Oh,” said the rat, “I see what you mean. That would be rather interesting. I don’t meet many new people, you see. Rats aren’t, well, they aren’t very popular, and I am frequently ill. My diet, you see. I eat a lot of bad food.”

“There is a lot of nutritional advice on the food packets in the fridge,” suggested the egg.

“Perhaps you could stay a while and tell me more,” suggested the rat. “If you lean yourself against that old piece of sacking, you won’t roll around too much.”

So the egg rested comfortably and told the rat tales of far-off lands, while the rat listened contentedly.

At last, the egg decided he must go.

“But how will you get back to the fridge?” asked the rat.

“My dear fellow, do not trouble yourself with worrying about me. I will simply roll out of the hole and I will be picked up and put back in. This is not my first venture outside. I am quite the explorer.”

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