The Rat and the Egg

“Good afternoon!” said the egg, brightly.

“Hello,” said the rat,” rather miserably. “You’re an egg.”

“Yes,” said the egg.

“What are you doing here?” asked the rat, adding, not wishing to seem rude, “It seems an unlikely place to find an egg.”

“Oh, just looking around,” said the egg, breezily. “I thought I’d have a look at the world outside the fridge.”

“Well, there’s nothing interesting here,” said the rat. “Although it must be quite dull in the fridge.”

“Oh no!” said the egg, “Forgive me, but you are quite wrong. The fridge is really a very interesting place. There is so much change. Products come, products go, and all with such interesting tales. For instance, while the Chinese mushrooms were here, they told us about China. The grapes come from South Africa and give most interesting descriptions of the landscape and wildlife. The cauliflowers come from a local farm, but they have so much to tell about the weather and the crops.”

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