The Koala Who Did Things Slowly (preview)

nce upon a time, in a pleasant enclosure in a wildlife park, there lived a koala called Tim. He was a serene and happy marsupial, who liked nothing better than to contemplate the world through the bars of his enclosure, while meditatively chewing on a eucalyptus leaf.

In the enclosure next to him, there lived a group of monkeys. One morning, one of the monkeys swung over to the edge of the enclosure and accosted Tim.

“Oi Tim! What’s up? What’ya doing?”

“I’m eating a leaf,” said Tim.

“Eating a leaf!” repeated the monkey, “Eating a leaf! Is that all you do? This is eating!” He grabbed a banana from the floor of his cage, nimbly swung onto the roof and turned upside down, swinging from one arm while eating the banana with the other.

“What d’you think of that, eh? Eh? Eh? Bit more impressive than your…eating a leaf.”

“Very good,” said Tim.

“You can’t do stuff like that,” sneered the monkey,”I’ve seen you climb a tree. It’s pathetic.”

“I like to do things slowly,” said Tim.

“Ooh, slowly,” jeered the monkey, “any slower and you’d freeze…don’t you ever do anything interesting?”

“No,” said Tim, “I don’t like to hurry.”

“Well, dullard, I’m off,” said the monkey. “Seeya.”

To be continued…

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