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Individual Stories

The Rat and the Egg (ebook, 20pp)
Format: PDF 

‘Once upon a time, in a box in a fridge, there lived an egg…’

The rat lives in a dark hole in an old house, and his life takes a turn for the better when the adventurous egg comes rolling along. But one day, soon after Christmas, the egg unexpectedly vanishes… Whatever can have become of the rat’s new friend?

The Hedgehogs and the Fascinating Book (ebook, 20pp)
Format: PDF

Try as he might, Malcolm, the little hedgehog, cannot seem to make his true love, Doris, notice him. Will the advice of Sir Owl, Sir, the headmaster, be able to make a difference? And what is it, exactly, about that curious book that Doris finds so fascinating?

The Koala Who Did Things Slowly (ebook, 20pp)
Format: PDF

Tim the koala is endlessly taunted by his neighbour, the monkey, for doing things slowly. He decides to see if there are other animals in the wildlife park who are like him. What will Tim find? And who are those odd two-legged creatures, anyway?

The Squirrels and the Coconut (ebook, 20pp)
Format: PDF

Hazel the squirrel is terribly bored by her school, with its dull lessons and improving stories. But with Harvest Festival approaching, she knows just the thing to liven things up: stealing the coconut she noticed in the house on top of the hill. Will she get away with it?

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