The Squirrels and the Coconut

The moon looked down with surprise on the valley in the wood to see the two squirrels bickering nervously by the back door of the house.

“I said I’d come and have a look,” argued Harriet. “I didn’t say I’d go in. We don’t know whether the coconut’s still there.”

“We’ll only find out if we go inside,” countered Hazel. “There’s a little door here. We could look through.”

“If there’s a little door, there might be a cat or a dog. That’s what those doors are for.”

“There’s no cat,” said Hazel confidently. “I’ve seen a mangy old rat come in and out of here, bold as brass.”

“You said you hadn’t been here before. You said you needed me to come.”

“I saw the coconut through the window from the tree. You’re scared. You’re making excuses.”

“I’m not.”

“You’re scared. You’re a coward.”

Provoked beyond reason, Harriet took a deep breath and jumped through the little door. Stunned by her unexpected disappearance, Hazel followed her.

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